Love Can Come in Bottles, Too.

We are pro breastfeeding, pro formula feeding, pro mixed feeding, pro cup feeding, pro extended breastfeeding, pro express feeding...

How can we be all those things? Well, we believe that breastfeeding our babies is an incredible gift, but that sometimes it simply doesn't happen the way we planned.

We are not here to encourage or discourage any particular choice parents make on how to nourish their babies. We are here to support the ones who struggled or are struggling to breastfeed and are facing the guilt that often comes along with deciding to stop breastfeeding. We have both experienced this personally, and have gone through all the guilt alone, so we wanted to start this tumblr to post encouragement and to answer your questions and concerns as you make this sometimes difficult and traumatic transition.

We want you to bottle-feed without fear of judgement, and without guilt. You are doing the best that you can do for your baby given your particular circumstances. Be assured that the love and care you take in making this sometimes agonizing decision shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that love can come in bottles, too.

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"20 Ways to Bring Goodness into Your Life"

Follow the three Rs:
  • Respect for self,
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility for all your actions.

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